During Step 1 of our VCE® process, we leverage our extensive reach, state-of-the art technology and proven innovative processes to deliver exceptional valuation for non-producing commercial real estate assets.

What Does It Include?

  • A fair-market appraisal of the land and improvements
  • Professional estimates of all machinery, equipment and other remaining assets
  • Comprehensive, third-party estimates for all demolition, decommissioning, abatement and environmental remediation
  • Full assessment of other costs including taxes, security and utilities
  • Comprehensive review of former site investigations and historical data
  • Multiple site visits to make sure we understand the project first hand
  • When appropriate, meeting with regulators and local community

CLP is committed to offering the owner the most comprehensive and accurate estimate right up front.

The next step – Collateralization – depends on us getting the Valuation step right. Our underwriters will verify all of this information in order to underwrite the project with the industry’s best Excess Indemnity Insurance policy available.