Jay Clayton

Jay has over 30 years of environmental consulting experience specializing in environmental remediation, hydrogeology and waste disposal facility design, operations and closure.

As Senior Vice President of Engineering, Jay is responsible for the development of business relationships with prospective clients and vendors in the pursuit of potential transactions for the company.  In addition, Jay provides engineering support for the design and execution of environmental remediation and site development plans.

Most recently Jay was a senior project managing engineer with Key Environmental, Inc. responsible for business development and providing engineering services, as well as spearheading numerous large commercial risk transfers.

Having extensive experience in all aspects of liability assumption and property transfer, Jay has closed numerous projects by developing and providing remediation plans, cost analyses, environmental regulatory approvals, real estate valuations, development plans and insurance products that provide pollution coverage and project cost collateralization.  Jay has successfully negotiated and closed several liability assumption transactions with Fortune 500 and large international corporations.

A Senior Project Manager, Engineer and Geologist, Jay has significant experience regarding the environmental management of former coal power stations.  He has designed, installed and field tested an exposed geomembrane cap system at a CCR impoundment; assessed expansion engineering and financial options for CCR landfills; has overseen and managed low permeable soil cap installation for a CCR landfill; designed, permitted, and performed constructability analysis of sustainable habitat capping system for a 150 acre + CCR impoundment; and design and oversight of clean closure of CCR impoundment for re-purposing as a storm water detention pond.

In addition to his comprehensive experience in various closing and capping options for CCR impoundments and landfills, Jay has also performed the evaluation and design of a ground water monitoring systems for various CCR impoundments and landfills; designed, permitted and managed various NPDES surface water control structures associated with coal power stations; and designed beneficial reuse evaluations of various CCR installations to determine feasibility for reuse as a cement/concrete amendment.

Jay holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University – Columbus, OH and a B.S. in Geology from Allegheny College – Meadville, PA.  Jay currently has been granted a patent of a sustainable habitat capping system for CCR impoundments.