Middleway, West Virginia Former Eastman Kodak Plant

The Eastman Kodak company operated the facility as a photographic equipment and lithographic plate processing plant from 1960 until 2006. Contaminants of concern found at the site include trichloroethylene (TCE), a by-product of the processing work done for Kodak.

The Project:

CLP purchased the 276-acre site of the former Eastman Kodak plant in Middleway, West Virginia in 2014 which included 325,000 sq. ft. under roof, 13-acre natural spring water lake, and a 46-acre parcel added in 2018.

“Proposed remediation methods include establishing an institutional control such as a land covenant that prohibits use of groundwater for drinking water, backfilling the spill ponds with a layer of clean soil and potentially treating TCE in groundwater at the source area.”

Jake Glance, public information specialist with the West Virginia DEP

Our Role:

  • Received certificate of completion from WV DEP on all remediation including soil and groundwater
  • In-situ injections were used to remediate a large TCE plume
  • Two landfills closed through solid waste division (first ever industrial landfills closed in WEST VIRGINIA)
  • Asbestos abatement completed in 2017
  • Site sold and is being redeveloped by industrial manufacturer in 2019
aerial view of water source known locally as Lake Louise.
Successful redevelopment of the former Eastman Kodak plant provides unlimited drinking water from Lake Louise.

what’s next:

  • Commercial park: A new commercial/industrial park.
  • Water supply: Using Lake Louise to provide a public-private water supply to service the industrial park and possibly the town of Middleway.
  • Historic preservation: Transferring a portion of the site to the Historic Landmarks Commission for Civil War battlefield preservation.