Columbus, Ohio Former Columbus Castings Foundry

Columbus Castings, known for years as Buckeye Steel Castings, closed in 2016 after operating for more than a century making steel castings for rail cars.

The Project:

Liability assumption of subsurface remediation of the 76-acre former Buckeye Steel Castings site in Downtown Columbus, Ohio

“It’s a refurbished or a redeveloped site on the South Side on the way to bringing the community back to what it was once was. ”

Curtis Davis, zoning chairman for the South Side Area Commission

Our Role:

  • Investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater completed. Currently waiting on OEPA NFR approval.
  • Foundry sand to be re-used on site under a beneficial reuse permit obtained from OEPA (first ever in Ohio).
  • All demolition and abatement to be completed
  • Development scheduled in 2019, sold to developer for industrial reuse.