Waterford, Ohio AEP Muskigum River Plant

CLP acquired one of the first coal-fired power plants in the liability transfer sector - five units with a total net generating capacity of 1,425 megawatts.

The Project:

CLP purchased the former AEP Muskingum River Plant in Waterford, Ohio in August 2015, with plans to repurpose much of the industrial area for redevelopment.

Our Role:

  • CLP has successfully closed the 44 acre CCR middle pond using a conventional cap system (first in the State of Ohio)
  • Finalizing clean closure of the bottom ash lower pond by summer of 2019
  • In process closing the 152 acre upper fly ash pond using an OEPA approved aquatic habitat design liner system (first in the state of Ohio)
  • Boiler slag area being beneficially reused as sandblast material
  • 1,425 MW plant completed demolished, abated and closed out
  • Coal yard remediated and seeded
  • 300 acre redevelopment of the industrial area in progress.

What’s Next:

Plans for the site include a high-tech industrial park and a unique sustainable wildlife preserve that is being patented by CLP.

August 2015
CLP Activities:
Site Demolition
Site Remediation
Ash Pond Closure
Planned Improvements:
High-tech Industrial Park
Farm Land
Sustainable Wildlife Preserve
Recreation Facilities