Retired coal-fired power plant located in Adams County, near the Ohio River

Sale of former DP&L power plants to CLP is complete

Commercial Liability Partners has taken over remediation at two coal-fired power plants once operated by Dayton Power & Light, with an eye on the properties’ eventual redevelopment.

CLP announced on January 2, 2020, the remediation of the J.M. Stuart Station and Killen Station facilities, two retired coal-fired power plants in Adams County near the Ohio River.

CLP is doing the remediation for the former plants previously owned by AES Ohio Generation, LLC, a subsidiary of DPL Inc., and is now focusing on the development of remediation plans with the goal of repurposing the site for future redevelopment, the company said in a release.

” We are pleased to announce the remediation project of the two retired coal facilities in Adams County and look forward to working closely with local officials and community stakeholders as we enter the initial phase of the demolition and remediation portion at the site. Our goal on this project — as it is on every project — is to minimize disturbance to the local community and to maximize the potential for long-term opportunity “

Ron Froh, Chief Executive and President of CLP

CLP said it will “address the environmental needs of the sites, including remediation, groundwater monitoring, abatement, decommissioning and demolition of the facilities.”

The J.M. Stuart Station was a coal-fired power plant that became fully operational in 1974. Killen Station had one coal-fired unit and one oil-fired unit, both beginning commercial generation in 1982. Both stations were closed in May 2018.

Commercial Liability Partners, based in St. Louis, said that over the past five years it has managed cleanup of more than 10 similar properties in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and has similar projects underway in Michigan.