CLP patents waste disposal closure system

In August 2018, CLP was granted a patent for an impoundment closure system that employs a low permeability membrane on top of a waste materials with ponded water on top of the low permeability membrane.

Traditional closure systems requires heavy earthwork, in the form of material fill placement and/or waste stabilization, waste excavation and, movement, to achieve the minimum surface slopes required for installation of the Cover System. Earthwork on top of many waste material is often problematic due to the inadequate bearing capacity, potential for localized liquefaction, differential settlement, and inadequate slope stability. In some cases fatalities have occurred due to unstable conditions encountered during earthwork on the surface of waste disposal sites. In addition, the schedule and costs required to install a traditional Cover System in these conditions are excessive in comparison to construction over more stable materials.

This invention provides alternative, superior methods and materials for landfill or impoundment closure systems on waste disposal sites that can be utilized at less cost and with greater safety than traditional systems. Finally, the invention impounds shallow water on the Cover System, to provide superior and more diverse habitat in comparison to traditional closure systems.